Mutant Test Testosterone Boosters with Testosurge® and MacaTest™ - 180 Capsules

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Mutant Test is a powerful, never-seen-before anabolic formula, developed to help effectively increase testosterone levels. TestoSurge is the proprietary, patent-pending, bioactive compound in Mutant Test that works through multiple physiological pathways, helping to quickly raise and protect your testosterone levels, fostering an impressive increase in muscle size and strength.

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New and improved Mutant™ Test is a powerful anabolic formula containing Testosurge® and MacaTest™, clinically proven to jack testosterone levels. Testosurge is the proprietary, patent-pending, bioactive compound that works quickly to raise and protect your test levels, which can lead to great gains in muscle size and strength. Mutant Test is the only product to deliver this amazing new ingredient that is proven to crank up test levels like no other. 

  • Combines 6 active ingredients to support strength training
  • Designed to maximise and protect your testosterone to support muscle gains
  • Includes clinically tested Testosurge® and MacaTest™
  • Pro-caliber formula

Mutant™ Test is formulated specifically for those wanting to augment their strength-training program and experience initial results within just days, that continue to deliver over and over. Test works through a premium dual-action pathway to maximise and protect your testosterone.


Nothing works better or faster than new and improved Mutant Test, we back that promise with published clinical studies. The primary functional ingredient in Mutant Test, has been clinically evaluated using the Gold Standard method of research – a randomised, cross-over, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.


See the Mutant website. 

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